This unit comes in a 12 Cube and 20 Cube capacity with both travelling on a double axle.

The basic operation is a chain & slat bed moving forwards assisted by a chain & slat elevator which breaks up the block of silage. The product is then fed out on a side delivery belt.

This machine is hydraulically operated with all the motor speed controls activated through a manifold block.  The hydraulic function can be done with a PTO type pump and resevoir if required, if the tractor being used does not have sufficient oil flow.

Both machines can be used for bulk off-loading by reversing the bed function and discharging the product out of the rear door either when trans-loading in a mixing shed or hauling silage when harvesting.

NB: This machine is not a mixer wagon – it is purely a feedout wagon.

12 Cube Machine
12 Cube Machine
12 Cube Machine
20 Cube Machine
20 Cube Machine
Pig Feeder
Truck Mounted